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Thirupugalur | Tamil Nadu | Maximum occupancy 12 guests | Bedrooms 4 | Bathrooms 4

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"Amazing hospitality. Food is just so superb, taste is extraordinary. Staff were attentive & very friendly. Boy staff was alert when the power got cut & immediately switched on the generator. Overall ambience was fantastic, will surely come again. Thank you so much." Pannirselvan, 6 - 7 Apr. 2024

"We just loved our stay here. Great cuisine executed very well. The property is developed nicely — modern amenities without comprising heritage. Nice location. The food of Ms. Manimegalai and amazing hospitality of Meeiji. Thanks to Tamizh. The manager also runs the place efficiently. We will come here again & again. We need more such places." Sudha Raguraman, 23 - 24 Mar. 2024

"It was a wonderful stay, centrally located and a beautiful property. Great food cooked by Manimegala and served by Mrs. Meiji. She was a treasure in every way. Mr. Elan Tamizh was a new employee but did his vest in serving us. The staff are great people.
It was a great stay in every way. A small suggestion. The check-in, checkout could be made 2 PM and 12 PM respectively considering it's a temple town and it would be easy for everybody to do Darshan without stress about checkout time. Thank you team!" Mahesh V N, 20 - 21 Mar. 2024

"Hospitality from Megi was awesome <3. Mother-in-law's food receipes & service added to the must-visit & feel at the home stay.
Can include lunch expenses in the overall pacakage. As the package seems to be little pricey , can include the food expenses totally complementary.
Thank you!" Sridhar Sampath 24 - 26 Feb. 2024

"Stay and food very good. Enjoyed homely food. Hospitality was good. Caretakers were very attentive." S Raghavan, 23 - 26 Feb. 2024

The property is excellent. Indian heritage is well maintained.
The efforts taken to preserve the old-age traditions of South India, especially Tamil Nadu, is appreciated.
The team needs congratulations for this kind of hospitality, right from time we arrived and until we checked out.
The food was excellent.
The supervisor Ms. Megi's special efforts to find out our requirements if any with respect to food and stay are appreciated.
The location fo the property is good. It triggered my nostalgic memories, since I come from a village from Coimbatore.
The mother-in-law of Ms. Megi (Manimegalai) was kind enough to prepare a sweet dish (kesari) after she came to know that 21st Feb. was our wedding day.
Myself and my wife express our heartfelt thanks to every one of you. Mr. Madhan needs appreciation as well." Sathyamoorthy VS, 21 - 22 Feb. 2024

"1. Overall superb stay. When we entered the house, everyone gave such a warm welcome. And the house looks really awesome.
2. Food is the main part. I don't have any words to say good dinner and breakfast. It's awesome food. To feel how it is, you have to come and feel.
3. Thanks for all the staff for treating us like their family members." Prakash Ramalingam, 15 - 16 Feb. 2024

"1. Overall it was a very nice experience. Pleasantly surprised by the facilities made available in a small village (4-star facilities in a village).
2. The staff are very cordial. Meiji, her mother-in-law and even the neighbors were welcoming and made us feel right at home.
3. The washbasins were a bit hard to operate. Pls look into it.
4. Overall rating - 4.8/5" Kousik Sriram, 4 - 6 Feb. 2024

"Plus: 1. Mani, Meiji & Mukesh. The three heroes of our stay. Excellent, cordial. They treated us like family!
2. Brilliant food: The cooking was superb!
3: Great location: Loved waking up to the sounds of nature.

Suggestions: 1. Look into water contamination. When you open the tap in the morning, for the first few mins there is a foul smell.
2. Roaches: Cockroaches should not be there. We can understand other insects but cockroaches are not expected.

Overall, it was a nice stay. Thanks." Srinath Rajaram, 28 - 30 Jan. 2024

"It was a very nice discovery. A wonderful guesthouse and a good staff. Merci beaucoup." Vogl Martine, 27 - 28 Jan. 2024

"We visited this place for the first time. It's a beautifully done place. What adds to the beauty of this calm and serene place is this warming combo of Meiji + Aunt. Both the women are so nice, cordial and warm. The hospitality of this place is amazing. Mukesh was a good guy too!!" Herman Malhotra, 25 - 27 Jan. 2024

"Detailing of communicating and follow-up even before check-in was superb. Hospitality and welcoming from Mukesh and his team was really appreciable. Food was amazing and a great homely taste. Overall hospitality and service will also be remembered. Meiji, Mukesh & Manimegala — good job!!!" Jagannathan V, 26 - 27 Jan. 2024

"Dear Meiji, Mukesh & Manimegala
Thank you very much for looking after us so warmly. We enjoyed our stay very much. Look forward to returning with family." Madhu Shetty, 12 - 15 Jan. 2024

"Dear Meji, dear Mukesh, dear Manimegala
Thank you very much for these wonderful two days. Your hospitality was amazing. You thought of every detail and made our stay unforgettable.
The food was fantastic! We wish you all the best - Take care!" Thomas Padmanabhan, 11 - 13 Jan. 2024

“Property, ambience & hospitality was a wonderful & great experience. Peaceful place! Had a revival experience of our heritage.

Good luck to the team!Seema Sajit, 30 Dec. 2023 - 1 Jan. 2024

"Very nice stay, wonderful surroundings, great to stay with a direct view of the temple! Thank you also for good talks! Happy New Year to the whole team!" Stefan Rivald, 29 - 30 Dec. 2023

"We stayed for 2 nights in this heritage property which is very well maintained. The staff were courteous & very hospitable. The food is excellent and the touch of village home-cooked food adds value and makes it special." Vekatadass K, 27 - 29 Dec. 2023

"We stayed here for 2 days. No regrets in choosing Mangala Heritage villas. The upkeep and service is of excellent quality. We will definitely use your properties for future planned holidays. Thanks and wish you all the best!" Kanchan Ramakrishnan, 25 - 27 Dec. 2023

We completely enjoyed the stay here. The temple view from here is excellent and unforgettable. The property is well maintain, neat and clean. Cooperative staff and very much obliging. The food was tasty and homely. The only odd thing we felt was the water was salty. Please make some alternative. 🙂 Shivakumar Samptah, 24 - 27 Dec. 2023

"Excellent stay!! Very good staff (very obedient & caring). Doesn’t feel like staying outside, especially when you taste the food. Rooms are clean & all requirements are in place — in fact, this is my second visit to this property and it will continue!! Thank you." Karthikeyan B, 22 - 23 Dec. 2023

"We had a pleasant stay, nice clean room and wonderful staff. Great property, very convenient. Food was very homely. Very well maintained!" Sanjiv C, 20 - 21 Dec. 2023

"Thank you for a wonderful stay — lovely place and great staff. Delicious meals and service. We will recommend Mangala to our friends." Dimple Agarwal, 18 - 21 Dec. 2023

"Had a wonderful and peaceful stay at the villa! Staff is friendly and attentive to your needs. Few suggestions to improve — make it safer for elders when it rains, as floors can be slippery. Food was ok. But overall a very nice, relaxing stay!" Mallika Janakiraman, 15 - 17 Dec. 2023

"Location of the Resort in a calm, serene place. Vintage-styled house, neatly maintained. Food was yummy with a touch home-made. The only inconvenience we had faced was the bathroom being very close to the bed and the space from the ceiling open. And the locks were missing. But overall had a good stay." Janani Vijayakumar, 11 - 13 Nov. 2023

“Property, ambience & hospitality was a wonderful & great experience. Peaceful place! Had a revival experience of our heritage.

Good luck to the team!" Sandhya Rani, 28 - 29 Oct.

“It was a very nice experience; the house is wonderful, quick, in a nice place. All the people are wonderful, so kind; they make your stay unforgettable. The dinner and breakfast are excellent, served and explained.

Thank you so much for this unique experience in Tamil Nadu. Thank you to Meji, her mother and Mukesh.

" Daniele Hatt & Gilbert Beck, 25 - 27 Oct.

“Had a very good time. Nice place. Very peaceful and quiet. Rooms and food are very nice and ambience is too good. Hospitality was very admirable. Thank you for your service Mrs. Megi and Mukesh." Sudhir Peter, 21 - 23 Oct.

“Had a wonderful peaceful stay. We liked the way they have renovated an old Brahmin house into this serene peaceful stay.

Well-ventilated & lit house, rising to early mornings with the sounds of temple bells was very divine.

Mrs. Mukesh and Mrs. Megi were warmful hosts & were of great felt. Didn’t feel absolutely out of place. Food was homely.

My suggestion would be to work a little more on the food menu. Extra menu for breakfast & evening tea time would look great.

Overall it was a great stay. Thank you!!Lalitha Chirag, 16 - 17 Oct.

“Thanks for the good hospitality & excellent food. Rooms are clean and good service too! Wish you good luck for furthering your services.Jayakumar N, 30 Sept. - 1 Oct.

“A lovely experience. Beautiful location & wonderful accommodation. Friendly staff and clean place. Beautifully restored & well presented. Lovely hosts, would recommend to others.Balasubramanian K, 30 Sept. - 2 Oct.

Had a wonderful peaceful stay. We liked the way they have renovated an old Brahmin house into this serene peaceful stay.

Well-ventilated & lit house, rising to early mornings with the sounds of temple bells was very divine.

Mrs. Mukesh and Mrs. Megi were warmful hosts & were of great felt. Didn’t feel absolutely out of place. Food was homely.

My suggestion would be to work a little more on the food menu. Extra menu for breakfast & evening tea time would look great.

Overall it was a great stay. Thank you!!Lalitha Chirag, 16 - 17 Oct.

Enjoyed the stay at Mangala. Though brief, I got to experience the village and village life around the property — just a glimpse of it. The property is beautiful — it’s tough to maintain it this way — combining traditional aspects with modern conveniences. I am particularly thankful to the staff — Madhan, Meiji, Mukesh and Manimekalai amma for looking after me so well and attending to my every need. The food was simple but tasty adding to the overall experience. A quiet break from the hustle and bustle of the city.Gangapriya, 6 - 8 Oct.

“The Bliss”
We experienced 
utmost bliss;
In everyday life
We realise what we miss;

Mind in a mess
becomes clear
The loving gestures
Sharper than a spear
That touched our heart
Which is telling not to
Get apart;

Feeling of joy to the
Zenith extent
Being with ourselves
Creating happiness

We found the treasure
of love;
Carrying the moments
that forever glow;

We became family
We became family
of compassion and
Saw in each of the
Staff the devotion;

For the sake;
Nothing has been done
Heartfully; every
action of yours was
a real victory of
life living out loud.


Dr. Asha, Aug. 19 - 20.

"This was an experience of a lifetime!
The property was absolutely beautiful, but what was even better was the hospitality! Meji, her mother in law, and Mukesh were extremely warm and went the extra mile to ensure we were comfortable. Our meals at Mangala were amazing too. I’ll never forget the location: Thirupugalur. The temple view and quaint village streets were serene. Just know that the property, surrounded by farms and forests, does have a few insects here and there. If that doesn’t bother you, this is an amazing place!" 
Anmol Malik, April 2023.

"Cute place, great staff and excellent food." Sudha Reddy, January 2023.

"Food was amazing!" Sharon Suares, January 2023.

"Hi! Everything is great — just finished lunch. Delicious and such warm and nice people. Had a lovely breakfast and am on my way to the temple - everything is great... Meji is awesome!" Avanthika, January 2023.

"An elegant and discreet little gem located in the heart of an authentic village, tastefully decorated and impeccably clean. The view of the temple and its basin had a lot of charm. Our hosts were incredibly hospitable and kind, always taking great care of us. The meals were delicious. Absolute comfort. We hope to have the opportunity to come back to enjoy the calm of the place and the village life." Caroline Parvaty Dubois, January 2023.

"We loved our stay - thank you so much for everything! The food was fantastic, the hospitality was amazing too." Arundathi Krishna, January 2023.

"Thank you, Ma'am, for the pleasant and enjoyable stay provided to us at Mangala Heritage. It is an experience we will cherish for a long time. Our sincere appreciation to the Mangala family for their loving care and cheerful service. Please pass on our sentiments and hearty thanks to them." K Natarajan, December 2022

"The overall experience was brilliant. It was so different to the usual holiday experiences. The atmosphere was homely in a way that we felt welcome and comfortable almost instantly. The rustic feel and the mix of modern living with a rustic rural environment was so outstanding. Please do not change anything. Loved the Luxunlock villa experience? Give us a testimonial we can share with the world.: I do not know if this is the kind of experience for all… But for travellers like our family who just take things as they come (with some minimum requirements met) we would say this is a mind blowing experience. Our children enjoyed the peace calm and serene atmosphere so much that they longed to go back to Mangala after the outings to some sightseeing places. The staff are Soooo welcoming and courteous that we felt like we had come to a relatives place on holiday. It reminded me of my childhood holidays….. I will not specify the details as it is for the people who visit to experience. Conclusion: Wonderful Experience." Ramesh TA, November 2022

"A real charming place , we had a wonderful time . A true cultural experience." Lata Madhu, October 2022

"The Mangala Guesthouse is an aesthetic delight. Thoughtfully and tastefully restored, it offers swings in the inner courtyard and comfortably cushioned thinnai/front porch viewing of the street and temple just beyond. Shifting washes of light on temple gopuram and tank gradually induce calm and gratitude. Offering speciality regional cuisine, this place also pampers you with friendly service. 

Surrounded by rare temples - from Divya Desham to Shakthi stahl to a Saraswathi kovil the Mangala Guesthouse is ideally located for those on a pilgrimage. It’s also a great place for reading and creative work. We’d love to visit again." Priya Sarukkai Chabria, August 2022

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