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By utilising this property rental booking arranged by Luxunlock Private Limited (LUX) and/or by making payment to LUX, either in part or in full, you confirm to have carefully read, understood and unconditionally accepted all the Booking Conditions governing this booking as stated herein and/or on LUX's website and/or elsewhere.

A non-refundable advance equal to 50% of the property booking cost shall be paid on booking by credit card, cash or wire transfer. Cash payments cannot equal or exceed an aggregate of Indian Rs 200,000 per booking. Card payments will incur a surcharge of 3.5%. No contract with us shall exist until we have received the advance and signed Booking Contract, specifying the booking period and party traveling, and we have subsequently accepted and confirmed your booking. Should you later cancel, cancellation charges shall become payable in accordance with section 3. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving a reason. It is understood that this contract satisfies transitory housing needs only and that the contract automatically expires at the end of the booking period as stated on the Booking Contract. Failure to vacate the booking property by the end of the booking period shall automatically result in a fine of Rs 25,000 per day in addition to pro-rated booking charges for occupying the booked property with-out a contract. Any contract renewal shall take place at the offices of Luxunlock or its local representative. In such cases, the booking rate shall be re-negotiated and the Security Deposit shall be reassessed. All Extras shall be paid in full before any renewal of the contract.
The balance of the property booking cost due as reflected on the Invoice shall be paid at least 60 days before departure. If the balance is not received by us by the due date, we shall be entitled to cancel the booking without prejudice to our claim for cancellation charges and to retain the advance. For bookings made within 60 days of departure date, you shall pay the full property booking cost at the time of booking. We reserve the right to adjust the balance due us should there be a greater than 2% fluctuation in the cost of currency. Please refer to section 1 for payment modalities.

If you cancel all or any part of your booking, or the booking is cancelled by us due to non-payment, then we shall be entitled to the following cancellation charges calculated as a percentage of the property booking cost:

60 days or more before departure: 50%
Within 60 days of departure: 100%

The above cancellation charges apply to the property booked only. Cancellation must be received by us in writing. We strongly encourage you to buy travel insurance at the time of booking to compensate you in the event you must cancel and forfeit funds.

100% credit voucher for days not stayed in case of government-imposed travel restrictions. Valid for six months. No refunds

All refunds will be processed within 7 working days and remitted to the customer's bank account as per details received.

If you change your dates, such change shall be deemed a new booking and a cancellation of your previous booking for purposes of section 3. Your deposit shall be subject to the cancellation conditions in section 3.

We shall advise you at the earliest possible date if we have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements. If, for any reason beyond our control, we are unable to provide you with the property you have booked, we reserve the right to transfer you to a similar property; provided, however, that if such transfer is not possible or you do not wish to be transferred, we shall cancel the booking and refund the amount paid to us in full. The price difference of any transfer property, if greater, must be paid by you, and, if smaller, shall be reimbursed by us. We shall not be liable for any further obligations or claims by you. We reserve the right to cancel your booking, should we deem it to be of misrepresentative, fraudulent or competitive purpose, and the normal cancellation policy shall apply.

Only persons listed on the Booking Contract shall use the booked property. The number of people using the booked property shall not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated in the Property Brochure. Infants in portable cribs (if available) may be accommodated over and above the number of persons permitted, but this must be explicitly agreed to in advance before the balance payment is due. Should a representative of the owner or of Luxunlock find any violations to this clause, it is up to her/his sole discretion to ask you to vacate the booked property without refund. Photocopies of ID proof such as Aadhaar/Driving Licence/Passport for all guests shall be provided in advance.

You shall arrive between 2pm and 6pm and leave between 6am and 10am on the day of departure unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance, for which extra charges may apply. Please provide arrival details no later than 60 days before arrival. Do note that the property does not have any waiting area and it will not be possible for you to leave your luggage at the property, should you arrive earlier or depart later than scheduled or expected.

Most Extras are specified on the Property Brochure and Final Confirmation and shall either be paid in advance to Luxunlock or due in local currency on arrival/departure or during your stay. Extras due in advance to Luxunlock shall be itemized on your Invoice. Extras due in local currency shall be itemized on your Final Confirmation. If you leave without being checked out as arranged, you risk the forfeiture of your entire Security and/or Extras Deposit. We shall deduct the cost of any unpaid Extras from your Security Deposit if the correct amount is not paid on departure. Staff services shall be included and excluded as specified on your Property Brochure and Final Confirmation. Additional cleaning service and cooks may be available by sepa-rate payment. If you arrange in advance for additional services, you shall be responsible for the charges, even if you cancel. Pay-ment terms shall be the same as stated above for utilities. Please give us as much notice as possible for these services. Where the terms of Property Brochure and the Final Confirmation disagree, terms as stated on the Final Confirmation shall prevail.

Some properties require an Extras Deposit for such purposes as having funds available to the booked property staff on or before arrival for advance shopping, Welcome Dinner, defraying the costs of utilities and the like. The Extras Deposit, if applicable, shall be paid simultaneously with the balance payment on the property booked or in Indian Rupees on arrival at the property. Extras Deposit funds shall be accounted for in full by the end of the stay. Remaining Extras Deposit funds shall be returned to you. Please review the Property Brochure for details on how the Extras Deposit, if applicable, shall be handled at your booked property.

Security Deposits shall be due on every property. The amount of each deposit shall be specified on the Property Brochure and on the Invoice you receive after paying the 50% deposit and return-ing the signed Booking Contract and shall be held in a non-interest bearing account. The Security Deposit covers the cost of any damage or breakages during your stay to the booked property and its contents, inside and outside, excluding normal wear, and shall be used to pay any Extras if unpaid by you as specified in section 8. Judgment as to the condition of the property is left to the sole discretion of the owner. Your Security Deposit, less any applicable claims (see section 8), shall be returned to you within fifteen working days. Should the damages exceed the Security Deposit amount, you shall pay the additional charges on de-mand.

The policy on permissibility of pets by the homeowner is clearly stated on our online and offline communication against each individual property and in the Property Brochure. Even if the property is listed as ‘Pet Friendly’, pets are permitted only sub-ject to prior written approval from LUX / owner at the time of booking the property. Such approval will be clearly indicated on the Final Confirmation issued to you. Such permission, if granted, shall be specific for a particular pet whose description and picture shall be provided to LUX by you in advance before permission is granted and such permission shall be subject to payment of a Pet Fee and additional Security Deposits as determined by the property owner. Failure to obtain prior permission, will force either representative of the owner or LUX at their sole discretion to deny you check-in at the property or ask you to vacate the property without any refund. Pets, when permitted by LUX or the owner, must be kept on the property strictly as per the rules of the owner and any damages caused to the property would be deducted from your Security Deposit.

Descriptions in the Property Brochure shall be made in good faith. However, we shall not be responsible for any modifications made by the owners without our knowledge. We also shall not be responsible for the failure to supply utilities or other essential services; provided, however, that we shall, through our local agents, use best efforts to arrange for these problems to be re-solved. LUX and the property owners representatives shall retain the right to access the villa during your stay to make such re-pairs. LUX and the property owner shall also not be liable for failure of utilities by the local government services, where such services are beyond the control of LUX and the property owner. Such an inconvenience shall not entitle you to a refund, but if you must vacate the booked property and move to a hotel for the duration of repairs, the cost of such hotel shall be borne by Luxunlock and the owners if you comply with the provisions of this section 10. If you have any problems during your stay, please phone the Luxunlock Concierge listed on your Final Confirmation immediately. Luxunlock must be notified within 24 hours of the occurrence giving rise to the claim and must then be notified by (WA/SMS: +919840037483; Email: before you vacate the booked property. The parties shall mutually select a hotel prior to vacating the booked property. Complaints lodged at the end of the booking period shall not be considered for purposes of reimbursing hotel costs. Should you abandon the property without authorization from the owner or local Luxunlock representative, you shall lose all rights to a refund. The property shall be kept clean throughout the booking period and shall be left clean at the end of the booking period. Additional cleaning charges may be assessed against you, and Luxunlock may apply your Security Deposit in satisfaction of such additional charges if the booked property is not left in reasonable condition in the sole opinion of the owner or local Luxunlock representative.

You shall be responsible for the correct and decent behavior of your party. You shall not use the property for any purpose other than as a short holiday booking, should not have house parties, cause any noise or dissonance with neighbouring residents, play loud music, commit any unlawful or immoral activity, bring with you or store inflammable, restricted or prohibited materials, possess or consume narcotics, or light fireworks on the property. Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors within the house, but is permitted on the grounds outside the house. Should evidence of smoke be detected within the house, you will be charged appropriately for the extra cleaning required and may extend to asking you to vacate the property. Should you and your party behave in such a manner that is not acceptable by reasonable standards, the owner or local Luxunlock representative may ask you and your party to vacate the booked property without refund.

Any breach or violation of any of the Booking Conditions by you for the booking arranged by LUX, stated herein shall terminate the Booking Contract by LUX and you and your party shall be asked to vacate the booked property and shall result in forfeiture of entire Security Deposit and any other amounts paid by you to LUX or the property owner, without recourse whatsoever to any refund of amounts paid or deposited by you, notwithstanding whether the individual clause or clauses being breached refer to “non refundable” nature for the breach or not.

Your booking contract for using the villa is with the property owner. LUX only acts as an agent for booking the property for yours and your Party’s use from the property owner and collects it's charges for services provided for arranging the property for your use from the property owner. As such, LUX accepts no responsibility for provision of accommodation or quality of accommodation provided or other services provided by the relevant owner. Any issues related to the property faced by you related to the stay should be reported to LUX or the local representative of the owner. In case you are not able to resolve the issue, you may contact LUX. LUX will do its best to facilitate and help resolution of issues faced by you. However, LUX has no control over you and your Party or the property, and hence LUX cannot and does not assure resolution of your grievances. LUX's website, brochures and other publicity material endeavors to show and project true representation of the entire property.

However, information and content therein are provided to LUX by the owner and/or are captured by LUX at the time of service agreement. While LUXhas made all reasonable efforts to verify correctness and currency of such information, LUX can not and shall not be held responsible for any variance thereof with actual. properties arranged by LUX for you, as they are privately owned residential properties for personal use and their furnishings and artifacts may be changed from time to time by the owner depending upon the owners' taste. As a result LUX cannot guarantee presence of particular furnishing, equipment, appliances, artifact, interior appearance etc. that you may have seen on LUX's website, brochures and other publicity material or other endeavors of marketing and publicity. You or any one else shall not be entitled to any claim and shall not claim or receive any damages, compensation, or refunds of any kind whatsoever from LUX and/or owner and neither LUX nor owner shall be responsible to pay the same to anyone including you or your Party on account of such variance or discrepancies.

You and your Party explicitly agree to use the property and all facilities and amenities in and around the property entirely at your own initiative, cost, risk & responsibility. You and your Party accepts to indemnify and hereby indemnifies and shall keep indemnified as well as waives and releases any claims against LUX as well as the owner for any loss / damage of whatsoever nature and magnitude, including but not limited to financial, non financial, Injuries or death that may be sustained by you and/or your Party and/or visitors for whatsoever reasons on, near or adjacent to property, including any common facilities of property and/or using property and/or using facilities, amenities, equipment, appliances etc. provided in or around property. You or your Party or any one else shall not be entitled to any claim and shall not claim or receive any damages, compensation, or refunds of any kind whatsoever from LUX or owner, nor LUX or owner shall be liable to pay the same to anyone including you or your Party, any Visitor or anyone else on any other account.

It is necessary that you understand that the property booked by you does not have any provisions of security of any kind whatsoever nor it is part of LUX's or the owner's responsibility to provide any security arrangements. Only you, your party and your visitors to the property shall be solely and totally responsible, at all times, for safe keeping of yourselves and your belongings of whatsoever kind, type and nature. LUX or the owner shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any theft or loss or damage affecting you or your party or visitors themselves, and not be entitled to any claim for damages.

It is also understood that “villa/property” stated here shall mean residential villa/property which is sought by “Renter/Client” and arranged by LUX for use by the renter from its owner. Villa/property shall also be referred to as “villas/properties, etc.” Villa/Property arranged by LUX from its owner is a residential villa/property and is NOT A HOTEL or a GUEST HOUSE, nor is being promoted as a Hotel or Client house stay. It is a standalone private residential villa.

Please note that possession of the property booked by you shall always lie with the owner and no one else. It is understood that you do not claim to be in possession of the property at any time whatsoever. The owner and LUX jointly and severally reserves absolute and unconditional right of admission to the property.

Heading given above are only for the sake of convenience and shall not be construed to carry meaning of clauses stated under them nor shall the clauses under the headings be interpreted in relation to meanings of headings.

Irrespective of the location of the property and/or your location and/or location of the property owner, it is covenant and ac-cepted by you that the registered office of LUX is located in Chennai, the Final Confirmation is issued by LUX in Chennai, and payments towards villa booking are received in Chennai. Further, you unconditionally accept and agree that any and all issues or disputes arising out of the booking arranged by LUX or any other issue shall be governed by and construed in accordance with laws of the Union of India and shall be subject only and only to the jurisdiction of the courts of Chennai, without regard to the principles of conflicts to law of any other jurisdiction and without regards to whether LUX has taken GST registration in multiple states or not.

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