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Maison Twenty Six, Pondicherry


The LuxUnlock Experience comprises 4 keys to unlocking a memorable villa experience for you. 

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Having A Conversation & Unlocking Your Needs

We start with a conversation to get to know you better, inspire you, and learn more about your taste and needs. What do you want to experience on your trip? Why are you travelling? Then, we collect the facts. Who is travelling? Friends, family or a mix of both? Couples? Multiple generations?


We’re here to answer all questions—How do I travel safely and reliably? What are the health protocols at the villa? Can I bring my own home staff with me and where can they stay? How do I keep my family engaged and happy? How do we celebrate a special occasion with my friends while in the destination and staying at the villa?

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Unlocking the Perfect Villa in the Perfect Place

We strongly believe that the greatest vacations are those that allow you to connect meaningfully and joyfully with your family and friends in a private, home setting that is both welcoming and enchanting. Our team will help you experience the destination deeply and personally and this begins with finding a villa that is a perfect match for your group.  

LuxUnlock aims to be the leading luxury villa rental company in India. As our portfolio grows, you will find us in both the popular as well as the offbeat destinations. Within these destinations, our aim is to offer you handpicked properties that are in the best locations – known for their scenic beauty and privacy with beautiful outdoor spaces.

We select less than 5% of the private homes that we regularly evaluate to determine if it fits the standard of a LuxUnlock property. Our growing portfolio of villas are hand-selected for location, style and delightful staff. We spend an incredible amount of time experiencing the home ourself - knowing how it feels at different times of the day, how the spaces shape your mood, how it relates to the environment and location it is in, and of course all of the granular details both seen and unseen that make it so special (and perhaps quirky!). All of this translates into knowing what the right choice of private vacation home is for you. 

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Unlocking Your Travel Plan 

We include comprehensive Travel Planning Assistance in the rental cost for your chosen property in all cases. This we believe is as important as choosing the right home to stay in. We work closely with you to build a travel program reflecting your preferred combination of relaxation and discovery. This is an iterative process involving planning room allocations, advance provisioning of groceries and beverages, to planning meals in-house or making reservations, and organizing explorations of the area around you. It is for you to decide how much advance planning you want to do and how much of the holiday you want to be spontaneous. We will, of course, advise you when preplanning is required and when it is not. 
As your Travel Itinerary takes shape, our LuxUnlock Concierge becomes part of your planning team. This is the person who greets you on arrival at the house, introduces the staff and the property and is your first point of contact while you are on holiday for any and all questions about the house, the staff and surrounding areas. They are familiar with your Trip Itinerary as well as your unique requests and preferences.

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Unlocking Your Curated Luxury Villa Experience 

Almost all of our villas will offer you wholesome home-style meals. But beyond this, we have assembled a hand-picked range of chefs-on-call, home cooks and bakers, a select range of restaurants and even artisanal food producers. So you can choose from being pampered at home to cooking up your own meal with the finest local produce.

In each of our homes, you will find a warm team of people who have been trained in providing you, not hotel-style service, but the kind of care that you are used to having at home – thoughtful and  affectionate with the aim to keep you happy.

Lastly, with the years of experience we have in curating unique holidays across the world, we have built a storehouse of resources we draw on while working with you with each trip. The dedicated and tight-knit team at LuxUnlock has spent many years carefully cultivating relationships with the people we introduce to you…local insiders who bring alive their towns and countrysides with their knowledge and expertise. This ranges from guided historical and nature walks, cycling trips, food tastings, farm to table meals, and visits to plantations and farms.

The result are old-fashioned trips that provide the time, flexibility and peace of mind to enjoy what really matters: creating everlasting memories with friends and family.

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